Friday, September 18, 2009

subhiksha supermarket

Everything for less.

These are ads for retail supermarket in India

Subhiksha is India's largest retail chain -- or some would prefer to say, "it was”. Over the past few months, the network of neighbourhood discount shops has been coming apart at the seams. Most of the outlets are now closed. The company -- Subhiksha Trading Services -- has been unable to pay salaries and statutory dues for the past few months. With the unpaid security agency staff also not reporting for work, many of the stores have been vandalised. According to R Subramanian who is founder and managing director of Subhiksha,"The properties have become vulnerable targets", "disgruntled vendors, employees, anti-social elements taking advantage of the situation, and even owners of the real estate" rented by the retail chain."

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  1. Myself vishal rami, I was employee of Ahmedabad Subhiksha...yet i m not getting my 2 months salary from subhksha...please help me to get me if anybody help me to take salary from subhiksa...9427856988